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The average person looking for a more eco-friendly way of living may find themselves looking at Magic Green Homes. A simple internet search will give you a view of houses that look like they’re straight out of a JRR Tolkein book. However, these magical-looking homes aren’t something from myth. They’re an innovative community of houses that are earth sheltered and developed as a prefab building system.

building a home underground
building a home underground

Hobbit house holiday?

Earth-sheltered houses aren’t necessarily a new development although their origins have largely been present in fiction. The average earth-sheltered home can be seen in the famed Lord of the Rings Trilogy as the homes in the Shire. They are also present in science fiction movies such as Star Wars. However, this may be one of the first times that they’ve become so widely available.

Magic Green Homes

The general premise behind earth-sheltered houses is a greater energy efficiency and they hit the mark on the head. A house that is covered in earth helps to regulate temperature throughout the year. However, they have been attempted before with poor success. They can be expensive to build and difficult to make waterproof, making them an undesirable place to actually live.

Cheap underground homes

It was only when a company Green Magic Homes came on the market, that things started to look up. They developed a prefabricated system of fiber-reinforced polymers. This inexpensive material allows the average person to purchase an earth-sheltered house at a reasonable price. Their system worked to address the primary problems of weight and cost.

What are green homes made from?

The solution that they discovered was a new method of building combined with age-old methods. They build with earth in addition to using composite materials. The result is a structure that stands up to the elements while also being affordable. The inner shell of the house is strong and light while also being waterproof. The earth covering is specifically constructed in a way that collaborates with the shell. The layered construction and geometry of the system solves many of the structural problems.

How Green Magic Homes Works

This company has their own factory where they manufacture each component of the house. The pieces are developed at the factory and then shipped to the desired location. They are then assembled with a system involving glue and stainless steel screws. The flanges around the building provide ample room for attaching each piece.

green home magic
green home magic

Green Magic home plan

Although it can be challenging to see the shape of the house from the outside, they can be customized to meet each person’s size and structural needs. Homes are not a one-size-fits-all. Instead, they can be made larger or smaller in the planning stage. This is often seen as an advantage for anyone who may want a house that’s custom to their needs. Contact us for more info on custom house plans.

How much is a green magic home?

Once the house has been assembled, then the final step is covering the structure with soil and planting. The structures are strong enough to have eight inches of soil on top and they can handle about 44 pounds per square foot of live load on top of that.

Green magic homes cost

Although the structure is covered in soil, there are still ways to avoid feeling trapped underground. The window and door arches protrude from the side so they let in ample light and can be used to access the structure.

Which green magic home should I choose?

Although Green Magic Homes has a variety of models available, one of their latest is called the Wikiki. This is a 404 square food unit that can serve as a single person dwelling, a guest house, or really any other need. It takes about three people to put it together in about three days although this does not require any special skills or heavy equipment. Every house kit includes wooden doors and windows. Ducts and conduits for water and ventilation are not automatically added but can be added on.

eco home
eco home

Installing a Green Magic Home

Although this home may not be desirable for every single person, it’s not just available as a primary dwelling. The houses are available around the world and, while travelling, people can stay in these as vacation rentals (green magic home Airbnb). This offers a great option to enjoy a more green home when on vacation while also experiencing this first-hand. Many people find that these homes are cozy and fun to experience. 

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