Client Testimonial

Doug Atkins , Sep 2015

Just bought a new infill through Beyond Homes and everything from start to finish was top shelf. They went out of their way to accommodate requests through the build process and everything from design to trades have been great. Customer service was fantastic and attention to detail is unmatched....


Client Testimonial

Chelsea Kindrachuk, May 2015

My husband and I started looking for a new home over a year ago but struggled to find anything we loved - lots of windows, open floor concept, built with quality materials and something unique. We finally discovered Beyond Homes which shared our vision and executed it better than we could have ever...


Client Testimonial

Saman R, Apr 2015

We moved into our brand new home built by Beyond Homes about 5 months ago. Everything has been perfect thus far. Beyond Homes staff have been incredibly professional in terms of handling any issues that have come up along the way. We can't be happier with our home.


Client Testimonial

Samir Lalani, Dec 2014

We just moved into our home built by Beyond and like everyone else it seems, we love it. We looked at over 80 houses with our realtor and found that many of the infills all blended together. Beyond's product differs so greatly


Client Testimonial

Amy Bell, Aug 2014

Beyond homes was amazing to work with. They built our dream house before we even knew it, and from the moment we found it (at drywall stage) they were wonderful to work with. They are creative, flexible, attentive